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5 Foods That Support Vaginal Health

Your vagina is one of the crucial organs in the body. It mostly plays a vital role when it comes to sexual enjoyment. A healthy vagina enhances your ability to achieve orgasm.

It also plays an important role during childbirth for the baby goes through the vagina from your uterus into the world. Therefore, you should make an effort to keep your vagina healthy.

One way of achieving this is by eating foods that support vaginal health and eliminate wetter, dryer, and smellier environment.

The article will tell you 5 foods that support vaginal health and how you can balance your wellbeing down there.

Balancing Your Vagina Health

One of the challenges that women experience when their vagina is unhealthy is unbalanced pH. Changes in vaginal pH make you feel different down there, such as receive more than unusual discharge or a new odor.

The most appropriate vaginal pH is 3.8-4.5. Bacteria thrive every time the pH goes beyond these levels and causes discomfort due to conditions such as UTI's, bacteria vaginosis, and yeast infections.

The good news is that your vagina is self-cleaning, and there are 5 foods that support vaginal health, and you can perform home testing and treatment whenever there are certain issues. 

Foods That Support Vaginal Health

1.    Probiotics

Human bodies rely on good bacteria for specific functions like wound healing, disease prevention, digestion, and maintenance of a healthy vaginal pH.

A huge number of beneficial bacteria are found in your vagina and are referred to as microbiome or vaginal flora. While your body can naturally maintain adequate bacteria levels in the vagina area, the number of harmful microorganisms may surpass the beneficial ones. This may arise as a result of illness, stressors, or antibiotics that disrupt the balance.

probiotics for women yefense stops yeast infections

Probiotics are one of the excellent options for restoring the balance of good and bad bacteria. They are available in the form of foods or as nutritional supplements. Which probiotic is best for BV and yeast infections? Try our All-Natural Women's Probiotics that works to help your body fight infections and get tp the core of the problem!

Probiotic-rich foods are such as fermented products like organic apple cider vinegar, yogurt, and kimchi. These foods have live and active cultures that boost good bacteria, thus keeping yeast infections at bay. Further, the high calcium levels in yogurt help to ease PMS symptoms.

2.    Cranberries

Cranberries have a high acid compound making them one of the best foods to fight off harmful bacteria. Besides organic acids, they are also rich in antibacterial and antioxidants elements. These include vitamin C, phenolic and organic acids, flavonols and flavanols, anthocyanins, and proanthocyanidins. 

Drinking unsweetened cranberry juice can reduce the risk of getting vaginal

best foods for vagina health

yeast infections that develops when there is an unhealthy balance of bacteria. Yeast infections are reported in every three out of four women.

On the other hand, cranberry juice may not help lower symptoms such as burning, itching, and pain in the vaginal area due to UTIs. But cranberries due have a reputation as a food that may help you smell good. 

3.    Garlic

Vagina infections, such as the development of yeast and UTIs, are a relatively common occurrence in women. It's reported that every woman must have at least one vaginal infection at one given time in their lives.

When infections strike the vaginal area, you will likely experience a burning feeling, irritation, and discharge. This is caused by a higher level of microscopic fungi in the vagina, particularly when you're stressed, weakened immune system, or used antibiotics recently.

Creative home remedies can calm this vaginal fury. One of these is adding the culinary ingredient garlic to your meals. Garlic has higher anti-microbial properties that help to fight yeast infections.

4.    Spinach

Green leafy vegetables contain essential vitamins and minerals, as well as provide fiber. Spinach is rich in magnesium, a compound that increases blood flow and decreases inflammation. One of the benefits of increased blood is that it reaches the extremities, such as the vagina.

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A good blood flow elevates your moods, thus making sex more pleasurable, boost arousal, and makes it easier to reach orgasm. It also promotes healthy vaginal tissues and prevents vaginal dryness.

5.    Whole Grains

Some of the vaginal yeast infections are linked to diets with high sugar levels or those made from refined grains like white flour.

The use of white bread or foods raises the blood sugar while whole-grain foods such as whole-grain pasta or whole wheat bread stabilize your blood sugar.

6.    Water

Guzzling down water is the right way of keeping your hoo-ha happy and healthy. This is an extra tip because hydration is not only the secret to overall health but necessary for the proper functioning of your vagina. Consuming plenty of water boosts the vagina's self-cleaning ability, increases lubrication, maintains proper pH balance, and allow odorless secretions.

water helps vaginal dryness

Products that can Enhance Vaginal Health

Besides eating foods that contribute to a healthy vagina, observing proper vaginal care like good hygiene, and regular gynecological visits will make you feel better.

Different feminine products in the market can help maintain a healthy pH balance, which is the key to good vaginal health. The following are some of those products.

Essences Feminine wash supports your natural defence, maintain a healthy pH, calms irritation, fight odor, and softens the skin around the vaginal area.

This soap has a plant-based formula; thus, no dyes, additives, propylene glycol, parabens, artificial fragrance, and sulphates. Your body is finely tuned, and with the right fuel in addition to proper maintenance, you will have a well-connected and healthy system. 


Having a balanced diet rich in nutrients and fiber can help keep infections away and keep your vagina healthy. Such foods include good quality probiotics, fresh fruits like cranberries or its juice, a culinary ingredient like garlic, plenty of leafy vegetables like spinach and whole grains bread and cookies.

Drinking plenty of water will help your body system run efficiently, keep your vaginal area moisturized, maintain proper pH levels, and balanced amounts of good bacteria.  

Therefore, incorporate the 5 foods that support vaginal health in your diet, and the microbiome in your gut and vagina will be well-adjusted every single day.

You can explore our website for more essential products that can help keep your hoo-ha happy.